Show Filter Bar for Bus Change Tab

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asked Mar 30 in New Feature Requests by SaraGetz
Bus Routes tab has an option of Show Filter Bar, is it possible to add the same feature to the Bus Changes Tab so that we can check if a student has a current or previous bus change?

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answered Mar 30 by Admin
Added 3/30/2023

Filter bar would not help, so we made a search on the bottom of the tab.
commented Apr 26 by Lazer
Can you add a button to clear the search info ?

Also, can the search auto fill like the Accounts Tab ?
commented Apr 28 by Admin
Please explain what you mean with auto fill?
commented Apr 28 by Lazer
When you start typing a name, it should fill in the options for that name, address, etc. There are people with similar names that are spelled differently etc. Not everyone looking for the info knows exactly how every name is spelled or where they live.

In the Main menu Accounts, you start typing and it displays the options as you type.
commented Apr 30 by Admin
Added Clear button.

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