Merge Info on a PDF Document

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asked May 17 in How To by yczehn
How can I prefill info on a PDF File with info from JLS.

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answered May 17 by yczehn
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please note we already have the option to merge with word documents, so if you already have the file in a word format simply use it with the word document.

in some cases where you only have the file in PDF format and you don't want to lose the graphics/design, you can do the following steps and then print or use merge email.

  1. Convert the PDF file to JPG using the JLS Image Converter, Tuition > Admin > Rules > Barcode, Click Convert To Image, select File it will ask which number page to convert and prompt with the File Name. 
  2. Open word Click Insert Picture, This Device Select you Converted picture, if you have multiple Documents repeat for every Page.
  3. Right Click on Picture, Click "Size And Position". in Tab "Size" Click Reset. In Tab "Text wrapping" Click Behind Text, in Tab "Position" Vertical and Horizontal Should both be, Alignment: Top= relative To page. 
  4. add the merge fields wherever on the page you want them to be displayed

Pro Tip: Changing the brightness to 90% on the picture while filling in will help with placement. Then just switch back


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