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asked May 18 in New Feature by YakovKantor
Can we have an option that when a donor/parent calls back a call they received from the Broadcast that they should hear the message that was sent to them, so let's say we sent multiple recordings in one day they should hear the last recording that was sent to them.

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answered May 18 by YakovKantor
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We have added a new addition to the voice broadcasting call back.


You can now put in "-1" by the Sound ID to allow the last call that was sent to that specific caller ID to be replayed.
So if you were sending out multiple calls to different grades, when the parent calls back they will hear the last message that was sent to that phone.

Note: With this option set, if a phone number was not on your list they will not be able to hear the last recording.


Blank: Will play to any caller that calls the number, the last recording send out.
-1: Will play the last recording sent to that caller ID.
Sound IDWill play to any caller that specific recording.


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