How do I choose only a few accounts when creating a mail merge?

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answered May 17, 2018 by Admin
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We just added to the Tuition application the option to choose from a list before finalizing the mail merge. After viewing the records before clicking on create you can choose records by clicking on the Select column.

By default it will skip the selected records. If you want to merge only the selected records change the option on top to Selected Only.




commented May 24, 2018 by Mrs. Stendig
thank you for this great feature!
commented May 25, 2018 by moshe8414
How am i upgrading this new feature?
commented May 25, 2018 by moshe8414
commented May 30, 2018 by TC
After its selected can i save it? (The same as i used to do with my list and +)
commented May 30, 2018 by Admin
No. To save use lists. This is if you do not want to save.

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