How do you enter an end date for a student for 1 company when they're still current in another company.

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asked Mar 31, 2016 in Tuition and Fundraising by mrsw
A girl who changed schools has an end date and her name is grey so we see she left. Now she applied to camp and we put in a period for camp but I wouldn't want to see her name in grey, however, i would still like to see the end date of when she left school. Possible to make a feature that when you enter an end date you should select which company its for and only when that company is the default it should come up grey, but when a different company is entered by the default it shouldn't come up grey?

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answered Apr 1, 2016 by Admin
selected Apr 1, 2016 by Admin
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You need to enter the end date only in the record of the school period. The Student is not in grey because she is still a camper so she is current.
commented Apr 1, 2016 by mrsw
But every school period has a start date and end date, so how could you indicate that last year she left for good and is no longer a student under that company?
commented Apr 1, 2016 by Admin
Correct there is no place for such a thing. But its something we don't feel is worth making something complicated for.

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