can i search for a tuition account by student first name?

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asked Jun 23, 2016 in How To by zecheryochanan

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answered Jun 23, 2016 by Admin
selected Jul 4, 2016 by Admin
commented Jul 3, 2016 by Admin
If this is what you where looking for please click on the check box to mark it complete.
commented Jul 4, 2016 by zecheryochanan
this was not what i was looking for. it didnt help me. but we called tech support and they advised us to query.

Thank you
commented Jul 4, 2016 by Admin
Can you share with us what you were looking to do. So other people can use your solution.
commented Jul 4, 2016 by zecheryochanan
Sure! Sometimes we get forms back from parents where they fill in students first name but we dont know which family sent it back. So let say the sons name is yaakov, im trying to search all tuition accounts that may have a son yaakov and try to figure out who returned the form. so in query under general info, by choose field, i chose Student first name and selected all names that include yaakov or yanky etc then i viewed the results in mail merge, where i was able to see a list of possible accounts. thank you to all the technicians who are always available to answer our questions and help us get to know the program better!!!
commented Jul 4, 2016 by Admin
Thanks for the details.

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