How do I attach a pile of documents to each account using Bar-Codes?

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asked Mar 4, 2015 in How To by Admin
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commented Nov 26, 2015 by Tashbar

How can We set up Bar Codes for double sided documents and then be able to attach it into one file (using the feature above) ?

commented Nov 26, 2015 by Admin
It will not be attached as one file. It will be two attachments.
commented Nov 30, 2015 by Tashbar
Can you please add this ?
commented Nov 30, 2015 by Admin
No. The current technology does not allow it.
commented Jul 13, 2017 by zecheryochanan
Is there a way to scan more than 10 documents with a bar code using the first number?
commented Jul 13, 2017 by Admin
Not at once. But you can scan in all contracts that has 5 pages and use the first number, and then change the first number to something else before you scan the next thing.
commented Apr 23, 2018 by Admin

We now added the option to allow you the specify the number of digits to use to get the document type.


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answered Jul 7, 2016 by Admin
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If you have a pile of documents that have a barcode on them and you would like to attach each of them to the correct account using the number of the bar code, just follow the steps below.

Before you start you must scan in all the documents in to an empty folder. You must create a picture format of each file. Make sure the pages are scanned in the upright direction. JPEG format is preferred.

1. Go to the administration screen. Go to the Rules Tab. Go to the Barcode Tab. Click on the ... button to choose the folder where you scanned in the documents. Click on any file within the folder.

2. Choose a Document Name that you want to use for this type of document.

3. If the barcode has an account number choose members, if it has a student ID choose students.

4. Click on attach documents. It will now go thru all documents in the folder and remove the documents that it has attached successfully. All documents it couldn’t match with an account will be left in the folder.





Advanced Option

You can use the First Digit of the barcode to choose the Document Name. So if for example you have Medical Forms and OPT letters mixed together as long as the barcodes have a different first digit the system will auto sort and attach with the correct Document Name. To use click in the “Use First Digit for Doc Name” option. To setup each Digit go to the admin tab and choose Scanning Documents from the drop down of all the settings. Enter digits in the ValueText column.


commented Jul 7, 2016 by Admin
We updated the barcode recognition module, and it will now detect even if the bar code is not so clear.
commented Sep 22, 2016 by Tashbar

Thanks, its detecting much better.

  1. Can you please add that if there is already attached in the account that file (same file name) it should ask if i want to overwrite it or i want to keep both (it will avoid a lot of duplicate documents) ?
  2. is it possible for all unclear documents to get a popup with a preview of the document and i should have the ability to enter the account number and it should attach to that account ?
commented Sep 29, 2016 by Tashbar
Can you please add this ? it will be very helpful
commented Sep 30, 2016 by Admin

Done. If you want to Overwrite the existing record with the same document name check in Overwrite Existing Document. If you dont check it in it will prompt you if it finds the same document and you will have the option to overwrite.  If you click on cancel on the message it will not prompt you anymore.


If you check in Prompt on Non Detected Items it will prompt you for the code for each item it doesn't detect. It will open the file in your default picture viewer.




commented Sep 30, 2016 by Tashbar
Thank you very much!

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