A student of divorced parents, how can I have both parents get standard mail?

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asked Apr 15, 2015 in Tuition by mbs

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answered Apr 15, 2015 by Admin
Very simple. In the students record enter the account code of the non custodial parent in the code2 column. When sending the mailing in mail merge check in the include code2 checkbox and it will include them.
commented May 27, 2015 by mering
This is good when there is 1 charge and u want that both should get the statement but I wanna know when the charge is split in two so there has to be a separate statement for both.

And if I make 2 contracts then the same student is gonna come up twice.

So what should I do ?
commented May 27, 2015 by Admin
This question was about mailing not statements. But the same can be used for statements. What do you mean by students coming up twice? Did you try it?
commented May 27, 2015 by mering
They have 2 extra charges and when I did a class report this student came up twice.
commented May 27, 2015 by Admin
Call in to support, You are doing something wrong. In seems like you entered the student twice. The student needs to be entered only once. Putting in a code2 will not make the students come up twice.

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