Create a Transfer School field to reflect the school where departing student will be attending

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asked Jul 18, 2016 in How To by ilenewilson

I hope this message finds you well.  For those students who are withdrawing from our school, we would like to create a field to track where they are going.

Is the Additional info Tab on the Student record the best spot for this information?  Create a Transfer School field for this purpose.

Please let us know when it is complete.

Thank you in advance,

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answered Jul 18, 2016 by Admin

The best place to track transfers is under the Transfers tab in grade. Just make sure you specify Outgoing.


commented Jul 19, 2016 by ilenewilson
Wonderful!  Are there any reports available that will show this information today?  We want to be able to see a list of transfer students for the upcoming year.

Thank you in advance.
commented Jul 19, 2016 by Admin
Sure. Request a report with the fields you want via Private Requests.
commented Jul 19, 2016 by ilenewilson
We currently track Previous School for incoming students as a field on the Additional Info tab for the student account.

Is it possible to create a field called Transfer School for outgoing students and track the data on the same tab. (Additional Info)?

We would like to see this data in the same place.  I will then submit a seprate request for a report showing these details.

Thank you in advance,

Ilene Wilson

Talmudical Academy of Baltimore

410-484-6600 x308
commented Jul 19, 2016 by Admin
Yes. You can use Additional Info. But this is the correct place.
commented Jul 19, 2016 by ilenewilson
Thank you for your flexibility.  How do we go about creating the field in Additional Info?

Is this something that I would do or is this done by JL directly?

Please advise.


Ilene Wilson

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