Can i have daily charge type in cc?

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asked Jul 19, 2016 in New Feature by doros
I would like to charge someone's cc every day automatically.
commented Jul 19, 2016 by Admin
Will add. Will post here when done.
commented Jul 20, 2016 by Admin
Daily including shabbos and yom tov or excluding?
commented Jul 21, 2016 by doros
Not a most!
commented Jul 26, 2016 by doros
moved Jul 26, 2016 by Admin
any update?

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answered Jul 26, 2016 by Admin
selected Jul 26, 2016 by doros
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Done. Added two option. One is Daily which will skip shabbos and yom tov. The other is Daily Allow Shabbos. This will charge shabbos and yomtov.


commented Nov 29, 2017 by mering
Can u add it also in Tuition ?
commented Nov 29, 2017 by Admin
Why would someone pay tuition daily?
commented Nov 29, 2017 by mering
He has a big balance from a few thousand dollars and he told me that starting from today i should charge his card $100.00 Daily.
commented Aug 27, 2019 by mering
Please add it in tuition, We have a parent that has a big balance and they set up that we should charge it daily and we need to do it manual and it happens mistakes and when finally finished entering it then she calls in that she has a new card that she wants that it should be charged.

So please add it!

Thanks for all your effort to satisfy your clients!
commented Aug 28, 2019 by Admin
commented Aug 28, 2019 by mering

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