How to enter a discount as a payment and shouldn't appear on the reports as a payment

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asked Jul 24, 2018 in How To by moshe8414
How can i enter a discount as a payment and it should'nt appear on any report as a payment, as i did until now it shows up in every report that a person paid already lets say $500 when its not true it was just a discount. (I can also give a negative charge in the contract but then will the other charges remain in a balance after the person has paid in full)

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answered Jul 24, 2018 by yczehn
selected Jul 24, 2018 by moshe8414
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In Administration > Admin > Payments You can add a payment type "Credit" etc, Leave Receipt Req. Not Checked.

it wouldn't generate a receipt number, you can have payments without receipt number excluded from the report by contacting support.
answered Jul 24, 2018 by AGrunwald
I think  (ADJ) Adjustment would be a better option
commented Jul 24, 2018 by moshe8414
What do you mean?

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