how to email specific question and answers from this forums to other users that don't have an account set up.

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asked Apr 17, 2015 in Off-Topic by leah

1 Answer

answered Apr 17, 2015 by Admin
They must sign up. The posts of this QA is only accessible to registered and approved user. Anything posted can only be viewed by our users. So they simply need to sign up and write the school name on the registration screen and their account will be approved.
commented Apr 17, 2015 by leah
cant there be any sort of share option on the forum for this purpose?
commented Apr 17, 2015 by Admin
As answered above its not if there could be, by choice we decided to not open this QA to anyone on the internet. Why dont they create accounts?
commented Apr 17, 2015 by leah
ok hear that. i guess I'll do that if need be. was just wondering since i have many users here and so instead of opening for each one individually, i would just forward them the pertinent info. but i understand. thanks

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