sms insert field- new field in drop down.

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asked Sep 6, 2016 in New Feature Requests by crs
I would like to insert each students bus stop in a SMS message.

thank you.
commented Sep 6, 2016 by dpilchick
I would also like to send each parent the times of bus pickup for their children
commented Sep 7, 2016 by crs
My stops are in a column called- "designated stop"  I do not have that option in the drop down list.
commented Sep 7, 2016 by Admin
Added. Please update.

1 Answer

answered Sep 6, 2016 by Admin

The bus stops are available in the SMS fields,

First choose the period by the Reports Tab. Create a query to choose who will get the SMS.

Then you need to choose Parents Per Student by the SMS Select tab.




Then you need top remove the check box of No Addl Merge Field from the SMS tab. Now click on Send SMS.




You will now have the fields BusNamePM And BusStopPM And BusTimePM.



Before sending its best to click Export to Excel and review in excel exactly whats being sent to each parent,

commented Sep 14, 2016 by dpilchick
Thanks, this really worked gevaldig
commented Feb 18, 2019 by yczehn
We added HebrewName should be used in emails only, turns into question marks when sent to sms,

Check box of No Addl Merge Field from the SMS tab doesnt need to be removed to get the HebrewName

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