Whats your School Policy regarding Class List for Divorced Parents ?

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asked Sep 26, 2016 in School Administrators by Pinkus
I know that in JL we can get a report that will list both set of parents. Is this the way you handle it? Currently we have only where the child is living at and we have the following issues.

1)They never got a nachas or introduction call from a teacher or rebbe.

2) When they has his kids for  shabbosim or a few nights a month – they have a hard time making them a playdate (specifically on Shabbos afternoon) because they don’t know who the father is and don’t see him as a parent.

3) they generally feel very uncomfortable at school functions because the general perception of people is that the mother is the parent and the father is the “crazy” or “dangerous” one.

 Do you give out calss lists with both parents? Do you mark the second parent as not living at?

Please respond. Thanks.

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