Clicking on credit card status in Fundraising allows users to access all tabs in Administration.

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asked Oct 31, 2016 in Support Questions by bismark
Clicking on credit card status: Denied, Captured, and Expires allows users who are normally not privileged to use Administration screen to view and (if not otherwise blocked from editing) edit all admin section data.
commented Nov 1, 2016 by Admin
Will add Admin user rights to fundraising. Will post here when updated.

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answered Mar 8, 2018 by Admin
selected Mar 26, 2018 by bismark
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It only shows CC info if the user has admin rights or Show CC. Users without rights do not see CC info. Am not sure if it was always like this or added in 2016.
commented Mar 23, 2018 by bismark
I don't understand this answer.

Please explain in re: my original question: if a user is allowed to see what is in the credit card tab in admin (by clicking on credit card status in main screen) how can they be blocked from visiting the other admin screens. User Rights is greyed out but the other tabs are live.
commented Mar 25, 2018 by Admin
It seems like you are missing the records for setting the user rights in the administration screen. We added to the latest update that it will check if you are missing the records, and if its missing it will add it for you.
commented Mar 26, 2018 by bismark

Upgraded Fundraising to 3/25/2018 12:40 am

User (mglazer) has "Administration - Credit Cards" and "Main Menu - Administration."

They now can get into the credit cards (and only that) but only after asking for a password and giving them an error.


commented Mar 26, 2018 by Admin
Try updating again and check if good. (Because they have no rights it gets moved from tab to tab until it gets to the Data Admin tab.)
commented Mar 26, 2018 by bismark
Working, Thank you so much!!!

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