How to Enter A Credit Card For Life

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asked Dec 21, 2016 in How To by eli
We sometimes have people giving us a credit card, and they say charge it monthly till I'll tell you to stop , what's the correct way to enter such a type of credit card charge.

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answered Dec 21, 2016 by Berish
selected Dec 21, 2016 by eli
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The correct way is to enter a “A” by the end date, that will add charges for this card until it expires, and a month before it expires it will show you in the Main Menu that this card is expiring,like that you'll know to add update the card and ask Donor if he would like to continue

commented Dec 22, 2016 by chaim holtzer
great! is there a way to enter a "pledge/charge" for such a pledge?

because if i'm not entering it as a pledge, the system will create each month a new pledge.

(i have a few donors that work like this)
commented Dec 22, 2016 by Berish
If you create Monthly Pledges for a donor you are basically billing him monthly, and when you send out statements if this person didn't pay he has a balance due,
 the way to enter such a pledge is by the recurring screen, you setup a recurring pledge for a year and then we have a option to transfer all recurring pledges for another year.

versus by credit cards you only add a charge after his transaction went thru, plus you check in with him every few years when the credit card expires, to make sure that he still wants to carry on.

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