Tuition Auto contracts to populate Banks field

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asked Oct 30, 2018 in New Feature Requests by bismark
Please consider adding the ability to set a default bank for particular payments types in administration to be used by the auto contract feature to populate the bank field (eg. scholarship, pell, seog.....)

commented Nov 2, 2018 by Admin
Will add. Will post here when done.
commented Jun 23, 2020 by bismark
Any update on this request? Chesky is fixing the data so we can correctly report but it really should happen automatically.
commented Jun 23, 2020 by Admin
You want the item number should go in to the bank name too?
commented Jun 23, 2020 by bismark

Sort of:

There are two ways the contract feature seems to be pulling the payment item numbers.

From the administration->period->auto contract screen the items go to the following banks:

  • Summer Scholarship -> Scholarship
  • Fall Scholarship -> Scholarship
  • Spring Scholarship -> Scholarship

From the administration->admin->payments that get used in the contract screen and automatically entered in the payments when the contract gets created:

  • Scholarship->Scholarship
  • State->State Scholarship

Thank you.

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