add to Database all Canadian Postal Codes (Zip Codes)

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asked Nov 1, 2018 in New Feature Requests by MerkazWiznitz
As there is currently all US Zip codes in the database, so when I enter a zip code i automatically get the City and State (and location if I set it up) but the Canadian Postal Codes are not in the Database

I have an Excel with all Canadian Postal Codes with City and Province-State (and I added some Locations as well), i would like to add it to the Database

I sent it to via

commented Nov 2, 2018 by Admin
Will add. Will post here when done.
commented Nov 5, 2018 by sfelberbaum
To my acknowledge every street has a different zip code, they all may start with H2V but the next 3 digits/letters change on every street - (not as in New York ex: wmbg, bp, monsey etc.)
commented Nov 5, 2018 by MerkazWiznitz
true, that's why they have over 800,000 Zip codes vs USA that has approx 43,000

1 Answer

answered Nov 5, 2018 by Berish
Canada has more then 800,000 zip codes so we don't want to add so many records to the default program, however, if anyone needs it added call into support and we will add it for you.

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