Entering in relations other than Paternal and Maternal

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asked May 11, 2017 in How To by bismark
Originally, when we got fundraising, the "Kuriv" list had Paternal and Maternal.

I am not sure if I should have done this, but I entered "Brother" to the kuriv list in 2013.

Can I add additional relations? Sister, Brother-in-law (H), Brother-in-law (W), Sister-in-law (H), Sister-in-law (W)? Will the software deal with this?

If not, how should we enter these relationships.

We don't always have the information necessary to create parents account to link them that way.

Do you have a tutorial on the "relatives" and "relatives of" tabs?

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answered May 12, 2017 by Admin
selected May 16, 2017 by bismark
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The software will not do anything special with this. You will be able to query thru these types for them.

When adding Paternal And Maternal the system can build a family tree. Also you can query for uncles without having to enter them as such,
commented May 12, 2017 by asrtiop
How would you recommend adding Father in law for our kollel students?
commented May 12, 2017 by Admin
asrtiop: Do not understand your question.
commented May 12, 2017 by asrtiop
We would like to add in-laws (wife's parents) of our married kollel students so that when dinner comes around they should be included in the mailing. Its not a code 2 and at the same time its not a Grandparent.

hope this clarifies the question
commented May 12, 2017 by Admin
Even in a Fundraising Account without any children the In Laws or still called Paternal or Maternal Grandparent.
commented May 16, 2017 by bismark
Thanks very much.

Would love in future to be able to extend tree in other ways (eg. sibling) w/o parents but it is good to know how the software will deal with things now.

commented Jan 27, 2019 by ygoldblatt
Does JL have plans to extend the mapping feature to other relationships?
commented Jan 27, 2019 by Admin

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