Online/Phone Payments Integrated plus Collection [poll]

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asked Jun 15, 2017 in School Administrators by Admin

We are thinking of creating the following product (three parts) and are looking for feedback from you if this is something you would be purchasing.

Part 1: A website where parents and donors can view there balance for tuition, Day Camp and Donation Pledges with option to pay 

1) A one time payments by CC or check.

2) Setting up a Payment Plan by CC or Check.

3) Paying a partial payment.

A phone system that will allow them to do the same via phone.


Part 2: By registration have parents forced to sign up for a payment plan. As long as they dont have a full payment plan on file they are not registered.


Part 3: Having all this branded as Tuition And Donations by JLS. And we will be the one contacting the parent/donor if his payment was declined (First via e-mail, and if no response by a personal phone call). We will call multiple times until we get paid. After two months we will then forward an email with the correspondence to you.

All this will be fully integrated in the software. You will see the CC setup under CC, you will see the notes of every call we do under notes. Payments will go in live.



Choose all that apply.

Interested in Web Integration (9 votes, 29%)
Intersted in Phone Integration (14 votes, 45%)
Interested in having it Part of Registration (2 votes, 6%)
Interested in having it Branded by JLS with basic collection (6 votes, 19%)

1 Answer

answered Jun 26, 2017 by yetevlev
ntersted in Phone Integration
commented Jun 27, 2017 by squarebh
ntersted in Phone Integration
commented Jan 22, 2019 by yczehn
Part 1 and part 2 are working out nicely BH.

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