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asked Jul 13, 2017 in How To by gittelgluck
I receive donations from Canada. The difference between CAD and USD is approximately 20%

Is it possible to enter donations in different currencies? So the person receiving receipt should receive the full amount he donated but when we should have for our records the amount we actually received in USD

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answered Jul 13, 2017 by Admin
selected Nov 2, 2020 by gittelgluck
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Yes. We have the Foreign Currency Column, where you enter the foreign amount and the currency type. The Amount column you enter the actual amount you received in US dollars. The receipt can be setup the show the foreign amount with the foreign currency symbol.
commented Oct 29, 2020 by gittelgluck
Is there a way the system should automatically calculate foreign currency amount?


Would be a great help because I have lots of Canadian credit cards running monthly
commented Oct 29, 2020 by Admin
No. Each person will get a different rate, depend on bank and credit card company.

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