JL and NJ immunization Integration

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asked Sep 8, 2017 in New Feature Requests by zecheryochanan
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Good Morning,

Boruch Hashem our school is growing and for the first time we will be having a nurse work on site for some time.

In order for things to run more efficiently and smoothly, would you please be able to integrate your program with the New Jersey Immunization Information System? (NJIIS)

This will help our office immensly. The nurse and staff would be able to access students files easily and it will save lots of time. We wont have to run after parents to send us the records and we will also save all the time it would take to enter the information.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can help us make this dream into a reality.

Thank you very much,

Mrs. Stendig
commented Oct 29, 2019 by zecheryochanan

Can you please update the imunization rules for the state of NJ schedule?


Thank you

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answered Apr 29, 2019 by Admin
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This has now been added. It will download all immunizations from the NJIIS web site. (It currently cannot yet download and attach the form).

It order to use you must have a NJIIS user name and password. Click on import NYSIS and when prompted for state enter NJ. It will look on the NJIIS instead of NYSIS.

To change the user name go to the administration screen and choose NYSIS User name from the admin drop down. Enter the correct settings in each column.


answered Sep 8, 2017 by Admin
Please open a private ticket with the info on how to login to the NJ System so we can have our developer look in to it.
commented Sep 13, 2017 by zecheryochanan
how do i open a private ticket?
commented Sep 13, 2017 by Ari
The same way you open a privet ticket for reports.
commented Sep 13, 2017 by Admin

Click on Ask A Question. And choose Support Request - Private



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