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asked Dec 26, 2018 in New Feature Requests by ygoldblatt

Thank you for all the updates this morning by yczehn! Would JL consider any of the following:

1) A full list of all features of the program (for example - the google contact sync - I only found out about it b/c someone mentioned it on the forum - there is no central location listing all of the amazing (!) features). Additionally, a list of available add on packages which could be purchased.

2) When you update the program - issue an update release for the "What New" button in JL - so we can understand what features have been added/changed. Otherwise we have no way of knowing!

3) I appreciate how JL deals with emails and text messages - but we really need to track open rates and click throughs for emails and want parents to be able to respond to texts. Additionally, some kosher flip phones don't receive the text messages. I know that it is technically possible to link JL voice/sms/email tab through an api call to both mailchimp and textmagic.com - is this something JL could add as an option?




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answered Dec 26, 2018 by Admin
Correct, the forum is the correct place to find all features available. When a new feature comes out we post it on the forum. If its a major new feature we usually tag it New Feature. https://jlssolutions.com/QA/tag/new-feature

All these SMS company have the same success rate as sending to the email gateway. They just cost money. The only option to get a better rate for delivery is thru purchasing a short code that allows to send unlimited text for a few cents per text, but that's a few thousand a month,
commented Dec 26, 2018 by ygoldblatt
The issue with the forum is that there is no one central list - it's a sporadic group of posts and to trawl through the pages is time-consuming and still doesn't give all the info.

About the text messaging - I have an open ticket for 3 months about a text not going through to a cricket user which does go through when sent from textmagic instead of emailing the provider.

Do you have any plans for integrating something like mailchimp to track emails and clicks?
commented Dec 26, 2018 by Admin
Check if the user is on cricket, or have the user send a text to your email so you will know how to respond to this user.

You can create any tracking you want using this feature.

commented Dec 26, 2018 by ygoldblatt
We went through that process - it's a kosher phone so he can't text to email.
commented Dec 26, 2018 by ygoldblatt

You can create any tracking you want using this feature.


This is a good example - by reading that post, I had no idea that this could be utilized to create trackable emails :-) I assume it needs to integrate with a third party to add tracking?

commented Dec 26, 2018 by Admin
Correct. You can use any provider and add the headers it requires to track campaigns. But this is not something we support. You need to find out yourself what headers to add and how your provider works.

If he has a kosher phone then he cant receive any texts at all.
commented Dec 26, 2018 by ygoldblatt
He can receive and send texts and the ones from textmagic go thru but from JL don't. Either way, a central index of features would be very appreciated!!
commented Dec 27, 2018 by Admin

Also regarding respond to texts, when you send a text, when they respond it goes to the email you sent it from.

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