is there an option in locking all info from the deposit after depositing payment?

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asked Jan 15 in Tuition and Fundraising by meshilem
reopened Jan 17 by Admin

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answered Jan 17 by Admin
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Added it should also lock the type, check number and check date.
commented Jan 17 by meshilem
Thank You!!! i knew you can help me. hopefully coffee will follow
answered Jan 15 by Admin
Thats how it works. After depositing it gets locked.
commented Jan 15 by meshilem
only the amount i want all info like date check #.... ETC
commented Jan 15 by Admin
The only important info is the amount depsoited. The check date and other info we do allow to change. But you can always go in to history in order to view what was changed.
commented Jan 15 by meshilem
reshown Jan 15 by meshilem
thanks for the info, but if its possible i want to lock all info, thanks
commented Jan 15 by Admin
Why do you need it?
commented Jan 15 by meshilem
bookkeeper wants to make sure cash stays cash credit stays credit............

just see if you can do it if not,

i called in he told me to ask it here
commented Jan 15 by Admin
You are welcome to come pick up a free coffee ☕ anytime in the office.

If the only need is because of a training issue that the staff just makes mistakes our policy is not to make such blocks. Because the good users loose a lot of time having to go thru blocks .....

But if it's for a different reason feel free to right why it's needed and will forward it to dev team.
commented Jan 15 by meshilem
its neede because the bookkeeper does not want any chnages from anyone by mistake or by mistake after he enteret it to QB.
commented Jan 15 by Admin
The only changes that would affect the bookepper is the amount.

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