can the report screen be set to automatically default to "today's date" rather than have to enter it?

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asked Jan 21 in Tuition and Fundraising by Mimi Horowitz
the vast majority of reports are meant to run as of "today". It is easy to forget to enter the date when things are hectic. Can that be the default setting?

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answered Jan 21 by Admin
selected Feb 4 by Admin
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Not really. As different people use different reports, and alot of reports need the whole period.
commented Jan 22 by Bobov-45
Correct that many reports need to default over the entire period, but I would suggest the option, for the school to request a specific report to be written in a way that the default should be for toady.
commented Jan 22 by Admin
That is already available. Contact support and they can have a popup for any report to ask if you want only today. Usually this is done a class lists with a pop up for only current students.
commented Jan 22 by yczehn
BTW you can easily enter today's date by typing the letter D.

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