How can I send a link in a text so that it will come out correctly?

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asked Jan 30 in How To by Sori
When I copy and paste a link into a mass text, it gets changed and the link doesn't work.

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answered Jan 30 by Admin
selected Feb 4 by Admin
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Usually by text you just need to send the text and the phone will recognize it a s a link.
commented Jan 30 by Sori
So how would I send the following link out on a text?
commented Jan 30 by Admin
Did you try just typing the text?
commented Jan 30 by Sori
I copied and pasted it into the text.
commented Jan 30 by Admin
Seems like sendgrid is changing it for you. Contact them if its possible.
commented Jan 30 by yczehn

you need to turn off "Click tracking" in send-grid its one of the settings

And make sure Enable click tracking in plain text emails is turned off

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