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asked Jan 30 in Support Questions by chaim holtzer
would be possible to have the option, that when i send few receipts to a person at once (like when he's giving few donations at a time, or for last few months), it should be sent as 1 email with few attachments?

as of now it sends separate emails for each receipt.


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answered Jan 30 by Admin
No. The system will not do it auto. But to can do it manually.
commented Jan 31 by chaim holtzer
how about creating such a option, that donors should receive all their receipts together?
commented Nov 21 by zecheryochanan
Is there a easy way to print a few receipts together?
commented Nov 21 by chaim holtzer
In the reports menu, there is a tab Receipts, you can do mass receipts.
commented Nov 21 by Tmendlowitz
You can also use the end of year receipt which has all donations on one receipt.
commented Nov 21 by chaim holtzer
whats that? a special receipt template or an option in the system?
commented Nov 22 by Tmendlowitz
it's one of the receipts in the system.
commented Nov 22 by zecheryochanan
Will the end of year receipt split it up based on checks that came in from one person but from different Bussiness names and addresses?
commented Nov 24 by chaim holtzer
I think that you have set up a receipt for that, because as far as i know the system don't have receipts, it just have Merge fields and options to set up many options of different receipts.

Dear JL Techs, please advice, thanks!
commented Nov 24 by YakovKantor
There something called an `end of year receipt` it is setup custom for each organization. It does not work with a mail merge its a report.

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