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You can easily call parents/donors directly from account, very useful for collections etc, 

in order to integrate your phone (provider) needs to support TAPI driver or Click2Call

TAPI is currently available on any phone that supports it,

Click2call is available for and we now added - - Birns Telecommunications / Dynalink Communications.

Go to general Info > Phone, unhide column "Call" and once setup when you click the call button it will dial directly from your phone,

if log call is checked it will prompt you to  type in notes about the conversation, 'Call me back next week' etc,


Fluentstream Integration

we would need your tenant name and your API Key,

Set call login url Should be set with your API Key,

Set call url should be set to, and replace TENANT And EXTENSION.


MyPBXManager Integration

we would need your UserName And Password,

Set call login url Should be set To   _username=USERNAME; _password=PASSWORD; _users=USERNAME; _pages=reset   and replace USERNAME And PASSWORD.

Set call url should be set to, and replace PHONE.




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I would like to publicly thank Chesky for sticking with this and getting Fluentstream Click2call to be integrated into JL

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We also have instructions for let us know if you need it, Thanks

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now added support for Birns Telecommunications / Dynalink Communications

Set call url should be set to

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now added support for Savecom Telecom Inc.

Set call login url https://DOMAIN/core/user_settings/user_dashboard.php?path=%2Fapp%2Fclick_to_call%2Fclick_to_call.php&username=USERNAME&password=PASSWORD


Set call url https://DOMAIN/app/click_to_call/click_to_call.php?src_cid_name=Web+Dialer&src_cid_number=OUTGOINGNUMBER&dest_cid_name=&dest_cid_number=&src=EXT&dest=%PhoneNum%&auto_answer=&rec=&ringback=us-ring

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