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answered Nov 25, 2019 by Admin
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B"h we now have over 200 buses using our new system. Bezras Hashem we didn't have a service interruption even once since we went live last year. 

The following features have been added.

New Bus Grid showing all buses with their current address. It also shows the ignition status. The bus number column will turn green if the ignition is on. It also shows the last stopped picked up for the selected route.

Every part is in its own resizable tab. You can resize it for your screen size.

We also released now an android app to view the location of your buses while on the go. The app works in seconds to load all your buses and saves your login info. Follow this link to download the app.


CLICK HERE for a Larger View








answered Feb 20, 2019 by Admin

We added the start and end stop to the Live GPS view.

We also updated the map to connect to our new JLS GPS system.


CLICK HERE for a Larger View


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