Introducing our No-Wait Dinner System

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1) Is the $750 fee per station?

2) Is it a one-time fee - meaning even if you make yearly dinners, you already paid and can use it again and again?

3) The technician does the setup of all stations before the dinner and then removes it thereafter?

4) Receipts shown are temp, and still have to send official receipts, or this suffices
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1) $750 is for the setup, its $200 per station.

2) This is a rental option. Call sales to discuss a purchase option.

3) Correct. We provide all equipment.

4) This is usually enough. A single person that wants a different receipt can contact the office. (Or we can have it emailed to him on the spot).

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We are proud to introduce our brand new No-Wait Dinner Systemenlightened.

This system will eliminate the lines for donating at your dinner/event. It will also eliminate the time spent after the dinner/event to enter all donations in to the fundraising system. This will allow you to start collecting outstanding balances the day after the dinner/event.

The following is a price sheet for the No-Wait Dinner System enlightened



 No-Wait Dinner System enlightened

·         Search Donor by Name, Address, Phone

·         Amount Pledged for current campaign (With Option to see other outstanding pledges)

·         Swipe and Charge Credit Card

·         Enter Cash, Check Payments

·         Print Receipt


 Station Rental

·         Computer

·         Credit Card Swiper

·         Receipt Printer


 Onsite Setup and After Event Pickup

$350 Plus Travel

 Technician on site the entire event


 Custom Receipt Layout






Sample of a custom receipt that changes based on the pledge



Sample of a standard receipt

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We can also have a campaign goal option.




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Another Succenful Dinner, With campaign goal screen.




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