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asked Mar 31 in How To by Nlink

Can the fields that are displayed in the general info tab be changed to any other fields? There are some fields there that I dont need and I would prefer to have other fields instead.



Nesanel Link
commented Mar 31 by YakovKantor
Sure call in and we can go though it.

All reports an be customizes to how you need them
commented Mar 31 by Nlink
I am not talking about a report I am refering to the general info tab in the system.  Can that also be customized?
commented Mar 31 by YakovKantor
commented Mar 31 by Admin
The grids can be customized, the fields in text box cannot.
commented Mar 31 by Nlink
There are many fileds there that take up alot of "real estate" which I dont need. I would like to clean up the screen. is that something that you would consider? I dont need the names in English and in Hebrew (I want the fields in the system for occasional usage but I dont need to see it with every account.). The data that you see when going into an account can be utilized much better.

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answered Mar 31 by Motti Steinmetz
edited Mar 31 by Motti Steinmetz
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The fields in the 'General Info' tab cannot be changed, for all other tabs that have a grid you can use the hide & unhide column feature, if you want save it so it should save as default just click the "Save changes after logout" box in the Unhide Columns tab.

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