search accounts by case number

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asked May 6, 2015 in How To by Satmar
is there an option to search accounts by vouchers case number under the accounts tab

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answered 4 days ago by Admin
selected 2 days ago by Admin
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Added option to search by students DOB.

You can also search by students name. So its only if you have a lot of students with the same name will you need this DOB option.
commented 2 days ago by Tashbar
I updated the program and I don't see the option
commented 2 days ago by YakovKantor


commented 2 days ago by Tashbar
I updated again and I see the new option.

Thank you!
answered May 6, 2015 by Admin
Voucher Case Number? If yes you can search under query additional info in reports.
commented May 6, 2015 by Satmar
I meant to ask: instead of opening accounts by last name\address\phone number under the accounts tab I would like to open an account using the vouchers case number.
commented May 6, 2015 by Admin
No, There isn't such an option. When do you need to look up so many voucher case numbers?
commented Jan 17 by 105
Hello, i am refering now to the question from a few Years ago, but it still applies and still needed very often.

we need to be able to search by Voucher Case Number when we get notices in the mail with only a case number we need to be able to search by case number.

please advise if this is possible,

Thank you,
commented Jan 17 by Admin
Same answer still applies. You can search for it by query.
commented Jan 18 by BYBZ
what about DOB, only by Query? this makes it very cumbersome, every time we need to search for a child. this is not user friendly. Please understand that recently many children are getting vouchers and there are many documents coming from various agencies that only refer to a child's name with their DOB and case number.

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