Staff Immunization Records

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asked May 5 in How To by mering
Is there any way in JL to keep track from Staff Immunization Records ?

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answered May 5 by Admin
You would need to enter each staff members in children as a separate location.
commented May 5 by mering
I was also thinking from this , should i enter it in the same account ?
commented May 5 by Admin
commented May 5 by mering
I need to enter it in another location or i cam make a class called staff ?
commented May 5 by Admin
Entering as a separate location, will help you. Because this class shouldn't come up only when you want to select it directly.
commented Jun 17 by Kasho
Why do I need to enter a location? I think it's enough to put in just the name and date of birth and then attach the immunization record what will the location do more?

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