Attachments tab in tuition

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asked May 24 in Support Questions by Nlink
Which list in administration do I use to add categories and notes to the attachments drop down? Also, can I add a few attachment categories and notes for an individual account based on what I want to get from any specific student and then run a report if there is anything attached? In other words can the system recognize if there is an actual file attached?

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answered May 24 by Admin
selected May 26 by YakovKantor
commented May 24 by Nlink
ok, what about running a report if there is anything attached?
commented May 26 by YakovKantor
I will add to your report file the Report to view the attachments.


Please note using the report you will only be able to view .jpg files in the report. All others you will have the option to open the file.

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