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asked May 31 in New Feature Requests by ygoldblatt
Now that JL added SMS with a real number, is it possible for people to donate by SMS?

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answered May 31 by Admin
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Donate VIA sms is only possible for people that you have already the card info on file. For all others, they will need to follow a link from the sms to enter the credit card info.
commented May 31 by ygoldblatt
Wow! Do you have a tutorial on how that works?
commented May 31 by Admin

No. It something you will need to purchase as an add-on.

It goes something like this. 

User text to you 

Give 100

If he has multiple payments type setup, the system responds

Please reply the number of your payment method

1) CC ending 4567

2) CC ending 7687

3) Checking Ending 8787

Go to https:\\\yby to add a new payment type.

After he replies the number, or if he only has one payment type setup he will get this.

Are you sure you want to Donate $100.00 to YBY using your CC Ending 7687.

Please reply YES to approve.


If he responds Yes we respond

Thank You for your Donation .....


commented May 31 by ygoldblatt
How much does it cost to set up?
commented May 31 by Admin
As simple as the one above would cost a $500 one time fee to setup.
commented May 31 by ygoldblatt

commented Jul 4 by Admin
The system is done. You can now test it. Text Donate 18 to your toll free sms number.
commented Jul 4 by ygoldblatt
Can you set it so that if no amount is specified it asks for the amount?
commented Jul 5 by Admin
Yes. Will add. We also need to customize the prompts.
commented Jul 5 by Admin
Done. Please contact us regarding customizing the prompts so you can go live.

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