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answered Jun 5 by Admin
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We added a new option to the gps system. When going on a trip you can ask us to switch the phone line to trip mode.

In trip mode there will be a prompt in the beginning of the call "Please press 3 to hear where the buses on the trip is now." and after pressing 3, it will announce the address of the bus.

This way the parents can track the bus a whole time.


We have b"h had alot of success with GPS since we switched to using our own gps system. We will be rolling out many new features in the next few weeks.
commented Jun 5 by mordechai
thanks for to add the new feature,

But how do make the option for the trip mode in the system?
commented Jun 5 by Admin
Currently you need to call us beforehand with the times, and we enter it in the phone system. Eventually we will allow you to do it yourself by calling in.

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