How can I keep track of all those that have a Measles Titer Test?

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asked Jun 6 in Support Questions by Ari
We have students that are not immunized with the MMr vaccine, and they brought in a Measles Titer test. How can I insert it into the system that I can get a report of all students that are immuned for Measles and not have it considered immuned for MMr?

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answered Jun 6 by Ari
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You need to enter a new type in the immunization drop down in Administration, Admin Tab on the right. Then you would need to add a new rule for Measles as shown. (For those that have Mumps and Rubella Titer, then add it as well, each one as a new rule.) Please note if someone is immuned for all three (3) then you would have to add a date to the MMr vaccine and a temp medical so that he is considered immunized, and would not show up as missing.

commented Jun 6 by Tashbar
edited Jun 6 by Tashbar
Thanks. can you please add in the dropdown a vaccine type "Blood Test" it should be valid as 10 instead of putting temp medical ?

(Temp Medicals are expiring)
commented Jun 12 by Kasho
Please add Thanks
commented Jun 25 by Admin
Added. You can now set Blood Test in vaccine type.
commented Jun 25 by Tashbar

Thank you!!!

We still have one issue that It shows it's missing 5 MMrs, can you please fix it ?



commented Jun 25 by Kasho
I don't see it by me?
commented Jun 25 by Admin
Please call in to support.
commented Jun 25 by Ari
Was it ever added to your rules? If not call in to support and they will add it.
commented Jun 25 by Tashbar
Can you please change the color ? (should be green)

It shouldn't be like the exemption.

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