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asked Jun 14, 2019 in Tuition by BYBZ
Hi when assigning a Temp Bus to a bus after the GPS service started, it doesn’t not update live. It’s only good if running a live replay after the run. This is an issue as many times the Temp bus is only assigned the last minute when a bus becomes disabled before the run.

Would it be possible to add a restart service to the temp bus assigning feature so that if it’s selected it restarts the GPS service for the run. This way the GPS will be running live for the Temp Bus?

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answered Feb 16 by Admin
selected Feb 17 by BYBZ
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Added. It will now check every 2 minutes while running if you changed the GPS.

If it detects a change it will restart with the correct route.
commented Feb 17 by mordechai
Thank for the good fetcher

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