Can mail merges be tracked and queried?

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asked Jun 18, 2019 in How To by Ngoldstein
I sent out a mass email to parents of alumni we wish to contact. I want to pull up that mailing and add a flag to all the STUDENTS in their student account that says CONTACT ATTEMPTED, with more detail in the value field. Is there a way to pull back up that email and flag the students? I see in notes _ correspondence that my mass email has a page number but not subject. Thanks.

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answered Jun 18, 2019 by Ari
selected Aug 4, 2019 by Admin
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Yes, In Generic you can select the table "MSent" then the field DateSent And put in the dates of when you sent it. Then select the field Subject or Body and select the message you sent.

Once you have the query you can add the flag or additional Info.
commented Jun 19, 2019 by Ngoldstein
Thank you. I tried it, and it brings up all the parents in that merge. But I want to add the flag to specific children of those parents, who were referenced in the mail merge, not to all the children of each parent. If I select children on the mail merge page, it comes up with all the children of each parent. How can I limit it to the children selected in the merge? Thanks
commented Aug 4, 2019 by Admin
Call in if you still need assistance on this.

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