How can I send out bus name and stop number to all parents

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  1. Query all the people that should receive the text
  2. Go to Voice/SMS/Email and select the phone type and Parent Per Student 
  3. Select the Email Tab (Or SMS if you have it setup) and Deselect the No Addl Merge Filed option.
  4. Put in the fields using the add field dropdown 



For Example:

Your Child ||Students.FName|| will be on Bus #||BusNumAM||-||BusNameAM||, Stop #||BusStopAM|| Est Time: ||BusTimeAM||

Will be sent as:

Your Child Chany will be on Bus #34-Red, Stop #25. Est Time: 9:25 AM


Please Note: The period for the bus route is taken from the main report screen.


commented Jul 2 by bnos chaya
The email server can stop you after sending a few

Q is there a way to see where they stopped you to try to send it again from the place they stopped you ?

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