Immunization Follow Up Schedule Report

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asked Jul 22 in New Feature Requests by mering
Due the new Law that Religious Exemptions are not Valid any more it would be a great thing that JL Should design a report that should be called Immunization Follow Up Schedule Report  , It should have all the Students info on top and then a chart from all the required shots and by each shot that the child got already should  come up the date that they got the shot and by the shots that they didn't got should come up the date when it will be required in small and a place where to write in a appointment date with a place for doctors signature that there is a appointment scheduled

It will be a Big help for all schools to have good files for the DOH.

Thanks Again For Everything
commented Jul 23 by YakovKantor

should come up the date when it will be required

What do you mean? They are required to get it but they cant since the last show was to close. Or They will need this shot later in the year?

commented Jul 23 by mering
They are required to get it but they cant since the last show was to close
commented Jul 23 by Mrsh
Yes! this will def be a big help! since we must make sure that all previous RL students get the shots on the follow up appointments stated on the doctors note.
commented Jul 23 by Mrsh
The date that comes up when the next required shots are due is usually the recommended date from the DOH. some parents might not want to give so close but it is not optional at this point. These parents must follow the schedule otherwise they must be exempt from School.
commented Jul 24 by Tashbar

Currently the date that’s in the missing immunization or on this report means it’s not going to be valid before that date but it doesn’t mean that they are actually due. (most parents and doctors will not give before they are actually due.)

commented Jul 29 by mering
Any Updates ?
commented Jul 29 by YakovKantor
Should have an update later today
commented Jul 29 by mering

The report is done!

Thanks again for Jl and their staff for doing everything they can that their clients should be happy, And especially now by this report thanks for Yakov Kantor (Tech 8) For working around the clock (Almost) to have this report 100 % ready to be used, This report will be iyh a big  help for our school and for all other schools to make sure all students are up do date with the followed requirements!

See Attached sample from report


commented Aug 25 by YakovKantor
moved Sep 5 by YakovKantor



Added a box for Diagnosed With ChickenPox

View Diagnosed With ChickenPox

View Not Diagnosed With ChickenPox

Please call in for us to update the report

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answered Jul 30 by YakovKantor
selected Sep 5 by YakovKantor
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The report is complete if anyone would like the report please call into support.

commented Jul 30 by dpilchick
Beautiful Job!!! Thanks Tech 8!!!
commented Sep 5 by yr

Can you add another color for 'In Process'  when a future date is entered for a scheduled appointment

commented Sep 5 by dpilchick
This would be very helpful
commented Sep 5 by YakovKantor
edited Sep 6 by YakovKantor


It works by putting the type "In Process" by Vaccine Type.

If the date is earlier than today it will say "Appointment Past Due"


After adding in process you MUST click check if valid!

Once they had the appointment make sure to delete the in process record.

You can call into support to update the report.

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