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asked Jul 25, 2019 in School Administrators by meshilem
Hi! All,

Does anyone know about a software or something else that will help me keep track on parents when to call them, or to follow up.. etc...

mainly needed for braking down in to categories if this account is needed to be called weekly or monthly or bi-monthly,

and if you have any helpful tips, please let me know

Meshilem Friedman

Pupa Monsey

Tuition Collection

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answered Jul 25, 2019 by Motti Steinmetz
selected Jul 26, 2019 by meshilem
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There's an option to receive in Email a scheduled report (daily, weekly or monthly), we can help setting it up as a "Current Balance" report (or whichever report you wish) with a query of specific categories, each category can be scheduled on a diferrent interval (for one type of category we can set it up for weekly, for another category as monthly and so on), the email will serve as a perfect reminder having the names on the report you receive with the balance they have (a query can be made to get only accounts with a balance, unless using the "Current Balance" report that anyways has this rule).

As of the categories you can use the account Type & Value (Additional Info), with the Type being something like "call List" or whatever, while the Value will be "monthly" or "Weekly" etc. defining how often you'll call them regarding their balance, the reports will run on a query for these Type & Values (in 'Query' > 'Addl. Info' tab).

For any further questions please feel free to call in to Support, we'll be glad to help you.
answered Jul 25, 2019 by Admin
There is a software that you should have by now, that's the todo tab in the jl software.

There are categories, reminder pop-up, delegate other people and more.


It's integrated directly into the account. Did you try using it? Is there any feature you want we should add?
commented Jul 25, 2019 by meshilem
where can i call you to discuss?
commented Jul 25, 2019 by Admin

Our number for support is 718-305-6762 Ext 2. You need to enter your user id and password. You can see it on this screen.


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