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asked Aug 5 in Tuition and Fundraising by seb
Please add at the Hebrew name search box, the same options as at the English name search.

1) to search just a part of the last and part of the first name when separated with a comma.

2) to have the option to check for searching only for the beginning of the name
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Will add in next few days, will post when done.

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answered Aug 14 by Admin
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Added both options. To use the name search, English or Hebrew; if you don't enter a comma it will look by a single name, or the last or the first and if it finds a match it will display in the results on top. Entering a last and first name together will not work without a comma, as there is no single field that contains both info.

If you know the last and first name, or part of last and first you need to enter a comma. The first part before the first comma is reserved for the last name (or last maiden name). Leave empty if you don't know any part of the last name. The second space after the first commas is reserved for first name (husband and wife), the third place and on will search on all fields.

All the above searches will search for any part of the field. If you want it to only search from the beginning, click on the beginning checkbox.





commented Aug 14 by seb

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