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asked Aug 5, 2019 in New Feature Requests by seb
1) It would be a great idea that in the main search window should be a option to search/filter also by name (i prefer Hebrew name) of linked relative.

2) Also at the results of the search it's a very useful option to have columns where it shows the Names of the linked relatives, as we (and probably also other organizations) have many accounts with the same names, and many times we know who is who, just when seeing who are the relatives (Father, Father In Law) of this account.

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answered Aug 15, 2019 by Admin
selected Aug 19, 2019 by Admin
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There is a special column that is called סימן which is meant to use for such a thing. It comes up in most places already and can be added to other places as well.

The current search option searches this column too. So to look for the account below you need to search for טייט,יוא,נחום,בלום. The first is part of the last name, the second is part of the first name, 3rd and 4th are anything including this column. You can include any text there. It's not included in any mailing for the person, it's just a סימן for you.




commented Aug 18, 2019 by seb
For me it doesn't work. when adding more then 1 comma in the "נאמען" search field it give a error message ask if i want to RESUME, and with any answer on this question it does not search within סימן
commented Aug 19, 2019 by yczehn
Corrected in the latest release
commented Aug 19, 2019 by seb
Did you tried it?  For me it still does not work. Only 1 comma is working, any additional comma gives a error message
commented Aug 19, 2019 by yczehn

Do you have the latest version? last modified should be 8/19/2019 11:23:18 AM

commented Aug 19, 2019 by seb
Oh. i updated but didn't know that need to log out all users and make ftp download. so will wait till evening when everybody is logged out.

by the way. is there a way if a user is out off office and still logged in, to force a log out of this user?
commented Aug 19, 2019 by chaim holtzer
you should be able to do that from the main server

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