Charidy Style Campaign על טהרת הקודש - Powered By JLS

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commented Aug 19, 2019 by yoelhonig
I must say it was, and still is, absolutely amazing. Many double entries are avoided, and many many hours of unnecessary data entry was eliminated. I want to invite all of you to try and donate now. Since he helped us out and he is a JL champion you can donate on Chaim Holtzer's link.

Thank you.

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We are now in the final stages of our first fully integrated charidy style million dollar matching campaign.

The campaign was completely על טהרת הקודש which means that the individual goals of each sponsor were not visible online.

You can listen to the goals and to the donors only through the phone system.

You can also donate online for any sponsor. All sponsors got a unique link to send out to their donors.

Each Donor had the opportunity to record a message for the sponsor. This message can be listened to by everyone when calling the campaign number. This gave the excitement to donate.

There was also a large goal screen at the command center that updated the goal live.

There were also reports made within the JL software that can be sent while the campaign is going to each sponsor with detailed lists of who donated and which people are still on their prepared list that didn't donate yet.

Over 150,000 minutes of calling time were used thru out the campaign.

All transactions came in live into the correct account in the JL software. No data entry is needed after the event.

You can still donate for this campaign at

You can call the number 833-244-8300. Press 1 to connect to the automated payment system. Press 3 to listen to all donations given.

Here is a sample of the Campaign Goal that was in the command center of the campaign where all parents did their campaigning from. Contact Sales if you are interested in a similar campaign.












commented Aug 19, 2019 by chaim holtzer
Yops, i'm a part of this ongoing campaign, as a parent of this school,

and also i helped them out with in command center to work with the JL system (reports & entering recurring charges - that have to be done in the system manually).

i must say that this system is massive! and is the right choice for all org that wanna make a campaign like this...

JL is #1 !!
commented Aug 19, 2019 by chaim holtzer
if someone want to donate, why not donate to my ext.

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