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asked Aug 20, 2019 in How To by gittelgluck
We only have one company and its kind of annoying and time consuming to have to add company to each pledge/payment I enter. Is there a way it should be prefilled?

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answered Aug 20, 2019 by chaim holtzer
selected Aug 22, 2019 by gittelgluck
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when i enter a campaign, its automatically filling in the company associated with this campaign... (each campaign has to be linked to a company)
commented Aug 22, 2019 by gittelgluck
Worked. Thanks
commented Nov 13, 2019 by MBR
Can you please explain this feature more clearly?  I have the same issue.
commented Nov 13, 2019 by gittelgluck
Go to Administration/Campaign. When entering a campaign one of the fields is company. Enter the company you want should get automatically filled in.
commented Nov 18, 2019 by MBR
Thank you.

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