Can I Import to Update/Add-Info for existing accounts

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asked Aug 25, 2019 in Support Questions by seb

Is there any way to import from an Excel file more information on existing accounts. if i have in 1 column at each row The Code?

My question is regarding a few type of different pieces information (to import separately) if there is such importing option for any 1 of them or more, For the Following:

1) Importing Notes for accounts

2) Importing Flags for accounts

3) Importing Anniversaries for accounts

4) Importing Solicitors for accounts

5) Importing Kruvim for accounts

1 Answer

answered Aug 25, 2019 by Admin
Only flags and additional info can be imported by the end-user. All other imports need to be done by our import team. There is usually a fee involved to import data. If there is a specific format that you import often, we can create a custom import script for a fee that you can use always.
commented Aug 25, 2019 by seb
how do i import flags and Additional info for existing accounts?
commented Aug 28, 2019 by Admin
In the Mass Import screen in entries. The first time you use it, contact support to show you exactly how it works.

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