Notes Mass Entries - with Defaults

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asked Sep 3, 2019 in New Feature Requests by seb

Is it possible to add  Notes Mass Entry? as we need Defaults for mass Entries for, Solicitor, Date, Category, and Method.

As we to want to use notes to have Fundraising Activity Logs on each account. it's solicitors going around in the Shuls or for visits at home ETC, or Callers who are contacting people for donations (not sitting at a computer), and after few days the solicitors bringing in a list of contacts whom they contacted and what was the respond, and we put in the System exactly: Who, Purpose (category), When, and Where (method) Contacted this person, and to enter in the Note what this person answered.  then we will have a clear detailed log when, how, and and how many times a person was contacted for donations.

So we want to use notes for this, but as we put it as mass entries with defaults, we are looking for such screen.

Of course it would be much more powerful if we can add in the same screen reminders for any contact that the answer was to come back in other time. but it's to much to ask at once. 

commented Sep 6, 2019 by seb
Dear Admin. I just want to know. Is this Feature something what's on your To Do list to add to the program?

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answered Sep 4, 2019 by bismark
I agree with seb. It would be helpful for us as well to be able to mass enter solicitors.

I made a request in '16 for more control over mass entry/modification/deletion of solicitor information.

commented Sep 4, 2019 by seb

What you asked is also important (I just added my vote to it). but what i am asking here is more to have the Activity on each Account, Which solicitor and How and When he was contacted regarding fundraising, and what was his answer. - so we can have both to know on each account his full history regarding fundraising (if he denied, pushed to other time, ETC) - And Also we can have a full Activity log for each Solicitor

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