Immunization Updates

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asked Sep 17, 2019 in New Feature Requests by mering
1) Immunizations that are not updated on the Cir We need to type in manually the shot and on the right side you write in proof from the shot and which attachment has this shot for example physical form or Immunity Letter , The issue is that when you add a new physical and you overwrite the old one it can sometimes have a shot on the old form and the shot is not on the new form so it would be a great feature if you can add that when you overwrite a form and that form is attached to a shot  it should pop up a question , "Form is attached are you still want to override" ?

2) There should be a option where you should be able to delete all in process and chose that dates that you want it should get deleted .

Thanks again for Jl to do the most effort to satisfy their clients.
commented Sep 19, 2019 by sfelberbaum
question to override will be a great feature

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