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asked Sep 18 in Tuition and Fundraising by Pinkus
can we have the option of using the call button to call google voice so it rings on your cellphone connecting you with the person when you call from the Account ?
commented Sep 18 by Admin
Does google voice have an API to make calls? Don't think so.
commented Sep 23 by elib
this would be great. especially if it can use the cell caller id.
commented Sep 23 by YakovKantor
If they do not have an API (a way to place a call from the back end) then is no way for us to place a call.

1 Answer

answered Sep 25 by elib
is there a way to do it like google voice which can do it from any web app, maybe tying in to the schools IP system?
commented Sep 25 by yczehn

Web Click-to-Call is a feature that is provided your phone service provider,

not all providers have this service you need to find out from phone service provider if they offer this feature

you can read more here

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